Actress, Model, Entrepreneur

My Story

Shadia ElaminI was born and grew up in the Sudan. As a little girl, I was very much inspired by my mother, who was a young, strong-willed and fashion-conscious woman. She was always ready to dress my sister Nadia and I in the latest fads, with fancy fabrics, like silk, satin, lace, and soft cotton – as best we could afford. Mother’s talent and expertise were enhanced by the fact that her first husband was a tailor, an owner of a popular shop, with seven tailors working for him. My mother, being very curious and industrious, spent time learning from these professional craftsmen and artisans, and in this way, my mother became an expert in the latest fads.

It was my mother’s inspiration and creativity that sparked my passion for fashion. But it was my father, a warrior and highly-respected Army Officer, who instilled in me the discipline and perseverance necessary to pursue my dreams. My gift from my parents was inheriting the rare combination of traits my parents bestowed on me.

Since stepping into the limelight in my early teens, I have achieved status around the world by appearing in film, television, and in fashion shows. I have worked for some of the world’s greatest photographers and designers, my image splashing the cover of magazines around the globe. In May, 2004, my image graced the print fashion ads for Cartier Spring-Bling, titled Black Panther. This was for the world-renowned Emirates Woman’s magazine, with esteemed photographer David Taylor Brambly at the center of the production, launched at Emirates Tower Cartier Boutique. I was a top model in fashion shows for the artist-designer Lord Lichfield; tilted “Loveliness – The Force of French Fashion” held at Chanel and Sonia Rykiel Boutique.

I was honored as the “First Lady of Frock” a designer profile of my unique style, in Emirates Woman’s magazine. I also delighted in launching the first Emirates Airlines Calendar, driving a red, 1960 Ferrari to Italy, ‘Tuscany’, June 2005. I was the cover subject of a photo-journalistic profile with esteemed photographer, Mufit , in “Hello Turkey” a popular magazine.

I worked as an actress in the Woody Allen film “Celebrity” as a high society runway model, co- starring with Mark Vanderloo and Elle Macpherson. Also, I worked with the model and actress Stephanie Seymour and Time Meadows in ” Lady’s Man” on Saturday Night Live, on NBC.

On the business and academic side, I persevered in my studies at international beauty schools, to become a fashion analyst. I also completed the course of Cosmetology and Aesthetics and I am now licensed, with additional certification in Seasonal Color, Fashion Analysis and ‘Total Look Image’ Consulting, which is another favored passion of mine.

All of this is a result of my wonderful memories of fashion with my mother, which is my true purpose in life. I owe much of what I know to my past, even the struggles to achieve my dreams, against sometimes insurmountable odds, because it had made me an even better model and actress.