I have visited a small town where my parents lived in Sudan in 2012. The town’s name is Singa Abudallah Hai14. It broke my heart to see how the people are severely suffering from lack of clean water, food and various diseases (Cholera, Malaria, Goiter and Kidney Problems).  I’ve witnessed a few people in my neighborhood coming to my parents’ home to get water from our aqueduct.  The people were constantly getting water and causing the water to stagnate which was causing an influx of mosquitoes. I also notice that Chinese workers came into my parents’ town and they had opened water canal pipes to move the water around into other towns for irrigation.

But they did not do a good job at installing the pipes so the pipes broke and caused the constant running water throughout the town causing mosquito/proliferation. The government did not help the people to improve the situation, but they supplied them with netting to sleep with at night. Luckily, when I went there I went with a supply of medication for myself to prevent malaria and other diseases but I still got ill with stomach problems. I returned home with mosquito bites throughout my body.

Also I have visited the youth club while I was there because it is near my parent’s home. I found out there isn’t anything available for the children to enjoy. There were no televisions, computers, books or sports equipment for them to play with.  I had noticed that they are really interested in watching and playing soccer because I have witness them coming to my parents’ house in the evenings to watch the soccer games if the games were on. What a mused me that the children knew every players’ name on every team, it broke my heart to see how excited were watching the games.  When I visited I took 2 computers for the town but that was not enough, they also needed internet access in order to use them for their learning skills and help them. Not only they needed computers; in addition, they needed clean clothes, food, water and clean safe environment.  It is a very sad situation when the government doesn’t provide for its people and instead it steals what was to be given to the people.

Therefore, I came up with this idea to get involved in helping them to succeed in life by donating to them 2 items from my cosmetics line for a fundraising charity in order to provide help these children with all the necessity that they need. Often we don’t realize how important they are until we don ‘t have them.  I’m doing this contribution to the youths of my native country because life has been good to me by showing me how different my life would have been if I had stayed there.  I want to show my appreciation by providing them with this help and support. Including to let them nothing is impossible and everything can be accomplished through a lot of effort and hard work.