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LUMINOUS UNITY, LUXURIOUS & AUSPICIOUS: (Colors Derived from Flowers and fruits. COSMETICS -Line)

Luminous Unity Brilliant Brand – Cosmetics

Luminous Unity Brilliant Brand products are makeup applications, blended with the same attention to quality and selective natural ingredients as Miraculous Purity Brilliant Brand. These include:

Lipstick: ingredients are selected to plump the lips and, yes, even taste good. Thelustrous colors are derived from flowers

Essential Omega 3 Face Serum: contains Persea Gratissima (Avocado) oil and Macadamia

BB Cream: formulated with Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extracts to even skin tone for luminous and younger-looking skin. Thesenatural ingredients act as a filler agent and provide superior protection that slows the process of premature aging of the skin. It is available in all skin tones—light, medium light, medium, and dark.

Camera-Ready Foundation Primer: to be used before makeup application to safeguard the skin from clogged pores (Milia, or whiteheads) that look like grains of sands under the skin. Ingredients include Glycerin and Caprylyl Methicone….SEE MORE >