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Shadia Elamin was born in the Sudan, the ancestral land of the Nubian Queen Nefertiti. She was raised by loving parents, in the tradition of her unique Arabic and African Muslim culture, where religion ruled every aspect of day to day life. Growing up in this environment, Shadia felt unfulfilled and longed for something more, something extraordinary. She was drawn to the alluring drama of the Bollywood movies she enjoyed watching as a child, which inspired her to become an actress and model. At a very young age Shadia took to fashioning her own clothing designs by taking material to the local tailor to create her own unique outfits. Elegantly clothed, Shadia also experimented with different hairstyles and make-up to actualize her own fabulous look. When she was of age, her family sought to support her endeavors by allowing her to travel to Europe. She went to Exeter University in England, where she focused on furthering her education. There she studied English and Social Studies in the pursuit of Journalism..... SEE MORE >



Since stepping into the limelight in my early teens, I have achieved success around the world by appearing in films, television, and fashion shows. I have worked for world-renowned photographers and designers, and have been on magazine covers around the globe. In May 2004, I appeared in Cartier's Spring-Bling print fashion advertisements called, "Black Panthre," which appeared in Emirates Woman magazine. David Taylor Bramley photographed me for the issue. I also worked as a top model for a show entitled, "Loveliness - The Force of French Fashion" by artist and designer, Lord Lichfield. The show was held at Chanel and Sonia Rykiel boutiques.

In Emirates Woman, I was honored as the "First Lady of Frock" for a designer profile of my unique style. In June 2005, I launched the first Emirates Airlines Calendar, where I was shown driving a red, 1960 Ferrari to Italy in an image called, "Tuscany." I was also the primary subject of a photo-journalistic profile with photographer, Mufit. The profile was featured in a popular Turkish magazine called, Hello Turkey.