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I was born and grew up in the Sudan. My mother was a young, strong-willed, fashion-conscious artist who had learned the magic of fine fabrics from her first husband, a tailor, and the professional craftsmen who worked in his shop. She dressed my sister Nadia, and I in high style in her gorgeous creations—dresses crafted of georgette, silk, satin, lace and soft cotton.

Also, I remember, when I was very young walking to the homeopathic store with a list from my mother to buy oils and spices. I brought them home and watched Mother and her women friends create magic—as they transformed these precious ingredients into cosmetics and perfumes for holidays, weddings and special occasions.

I’ve inherited my mother’s passion for fashion and her holistic and imaginative approach to cosmetics. But it was my father, a highly-respected Army Officer and warrior, who instilled in me the discipline and perseverance to pursue my dreams. With these gifts from my parents, I meticulously researched the cosmetics of my ancestors, the ancient Egyptian line that includes Nefertiti and Queen Sheba–and in 2008, I began my own line of pure and natural cosmetics and perfume.