Since Shadia stepped into the limelight in her early teens, she has achieved status around the world by appearing in film, television, and in fashion shows. Shadia has worked for some of the world’s greatest photographers and designers, her image splashed the cover of magazines around the globe. In May, 2004, Shadia image graced the print fashion ads for Cartier Spring Bling, titled Black Panther. This was for the world renowned Emirates Woman’s magazine, with esteemed photographer David Taylor Brambly at the center of the production, launched at Emirates Tower Cartier Boutique. She was a lead cover girl in editorial fashion shows for the artist-designer Lord Lichfield; tilted “Loveliness – The Force of French Fashion” held at Chanel and Sonia Rykiel Boutique. Nevertheless, Shadia ornamented the Swarovski jewelry show in Dubai.