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Posing Tips

Hello, my name is Shadia Elamin. I have been a model since I was 15 years old. Today, I will demonstrate to you a few helpful tips on how to pose for pictures. My primary focus is to provide a service that will put a smile on the face of everyone and make a difference in the life of others.... SEE MORE >

I want to share with you these basic principles for photo techniques. I’ve learned to generate these after I had mastered the very basics of a pose. These poses played a huge part of my success in my modeling career. They encouraged me to position and control my body movement during headshots, portraits, commercial prints, editorial fashion and catalogs.

Watch me with this valuable guide and learn techniques for photo poses that I have created during my career. I am going to explain to you how I’ve learned to align my body in a stable place in order to have complete mobility to move it easily from one angle to another. Once you have learned these techniques, you are.... SEE MORE >

See me in this video; how I position and coordinate head, neck, shoulders, hands, hips and legs. The combinations are endless if you understand the basic principles. You will have an unlimited source of inspiration to create natural and graceful poses. Always have the head with the chin rotated to side avoid looking tense especially around your face. Face the.... SEE MORE >

Poses for a portrait: are also taken up close to the face. These poses usually entail the selling of products, like make-up, skincare, accessories and so forth. In these type of shots be more playful with the camera, smile softly with your eyes and give the look of an angel. Think about nature and beauty to get into the mood.... SEE MORE >

Poses for commercial print: are similar to beauty shots but there is a slight difference. Commercial shots are used for specific products like toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, hair, nails and so on. In this case, you can have a soft look, big smile to show teeth or no teeth at all, it depends on the product. Use facial gestures if necessary; look.... SEE MORE >

Poses for editorial fashion or catalog shots: This features clothing that can be for high fashion, like Saks 5th Avenue Department Stores, Victoria Secret or anything down to earth like Target. Since the focus is clothing, you need to show off the body to complement the clothing. It may involve playing with clothing like putting your hand on the collar,.... SEE MORE >

Tips for make-up: Nowadays, all the photographers use a digital camera to take photos due to this reason you must use suitable make-up for the camera so you can avoid excessive photo retouching.

Tips for skin care products: It is very important to use immaculate skin care products for your skin type with a scent which helps you get into an extraordinary mood. The scent will help you to be peaceful and serene so you can create the perfect feelings for the shots. Here is a hint for you! Let me tell you.... SEE MORE >

In summary, in an order to generate the distinctive poses that where mentioned above, the key is to learn the basic principles. This will give you the knowledge and wisdom to help you stay relaxed in a pose so you can create graceful, classic and sultry looks without any exaggeration in the poses. Lastly, always use a product that’s suitable.... SEE MORE >