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Luminous Unity Brilliant Brand – Cosmetics

Luminous Unity Brilliant Brandcosmetics are formulated with the same attention to quality and natural ingredients as our Miraculous Purity Brilliant Brand skincare products. They include:

Lipstick: Special ingredients are selected to plump the lips. The lustrous colors are derived from flowers. They even taste good.

Essential Omega 3 Face Serum: Our serum contains a blend of Persea Gratissima (Avocado) and Macadamia oils.

BB Cream: The formulation of Aloe vera and cucumber extracts even out skin tone for luminous and younger-looking skin by providing superior protection that slows down the process of premature aging. It is available in a wide array of skin tones—light, medium light, medium, and dark.

Camera-Ready Foundation Primer: Use our primer before applying makeup to safeguard the skin from milia or whiteheads that look like grains of sand under the skin. The primary ingredients include glycerin and caprylyl methicone.

Hi-Definition Foundation: Our foundation contains nutrients that give skin a satiny, camera-ready look.

Mineral Foundation: Our mineral foundations are available in powder, liquid, cream, and mousse. They are suitable for all skin types, complexions, and ages.

Eye Shadows: The pigments in our eye shadows are made with natural flowers.


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