Captivating Mist, Phenomenal Ecstasy, and Intense Mirage

We unveil to the world, fragrances that most women have never had the chance to experience, until now. All of our perfumes are made with natural oils and do not contain added alcohol or chemicals. Immerse yourself in the sensuous fusion of forest sandalwood, Egyptian musk, amber, jasmine, rose, agarwood, and wild flowers from the Mediterranean to the Far East. They are blended with rare spices and herbs to stimulate the senses. Perfume is perhaps, the most precious and enchanting beauty secret of the Nubian Queens, from Queen Nefertiti to Cleopatra. The exotic and sensual fragrances summon feelings of strength and serenity.

Captivating Mist evokes a feeling of desire that will lead you to serenity.

Phenomenal Ecstasy dares you to indulge on a journey of personal discovery, reuniting you with the intimacy of youth.

Intense Mirage gives you energy and encourages you to surrender to your deepest emotions.

As a member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, I have made sure that all our products are all natural, alcohol-free, and animal-friendly.  However, not all of our products are vegan.


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