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Our intention is to be an inspiration for positive change in the world. In all our endeavors, we seek to enhance the unique beauty in women and men, to instill confidence through the science and magic of scent. We will always maintain the highest standards when choosing our spices, herbs and oils, to honor our clientele’s desire for only the finest ingredients. As we move forward on our journey, we do so with respect, tolerance and elan. We are dedicated to a mutually fruitful relationship with our patrons by offering top satisfaction in all our goods and services.

“The love affair created by a good perfume, between you and other people, you and nature, you and yourself, you and your memories and anticipations and hopes and dreams; it is all too beautiful a thing!”

Shadia’s Perfume

Shadia’s PerfumeA time-honored secret of Nubian women, reaching as far back as Queens Nefertiti and Sheeba, come these rarest of fragrances. Extracted from plants in the rich, fertile land of the Nile and some found only in the Sahara desert, they marry to create an original composition of aromatic bliss; caught somewhere between an Oasis and a Mirage.

All perfumes are organic, natural oils with no added alcohol or chemicals. These aromas are a fusion of forest sandalwood, exotic oudh, mubackher, rare agor wood, mahlab seed, jasmine amber, rose and musk; a sensational mist made of precious essences and rare spices mingled to stimulate the senses. CAPTIVATING MIST evokes a scintillating feeling of desire and devotion that will lead you to serenity, PHENOMENAL ECSTASY takes you on journey of personal discovery reuniting you with an intimacy that was long forgotten, and INTENSE MIRAGE energizes you with an enveloping feeling of desire that surrenders to your deepest emotions. Keep your eyes on what is on the horizon, these scents are a magical gift waiting to be unveiled and delighted in, by all who dare to explore the magical fragrances of CAPTIVATING MIST, PHENOMENAL ECSTASY, and INTENSE MIRAGE.


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