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It is justifiably challenging to cope up with the daily drudges of life. Keeping your skin healthy hence becomes a pre-eminent affair. With Shadia’s products, nourishing your skin might become your safer bet.

Shadia Story

With the rapid development of this entire cosmos, looking appealing has become a crucial factor, especially when you are getting ready for a party or a meeting in the office. The advent of cosmetics has engrossed women’s mind. Hence, enter the age of cosmetics where multiple companies are introducing newer ranges of products. The fact is said, every woman wants to look at her beauteous self in the mirror. Whether it is a working lady or a teenage girl, looking decent all day long is the major criteria in this space age. And never really you will get a woman sans her makeup kit, all kudos to the makeup brands. But without a natural treatment, makeup kits aren’t that much useful. Hence enter the process of facial. Talking about facial, it is a type of skin treatment that helps in keeping the skin nourished and healthy inside out. While the ranges of facial products are manifold, you would never like any other product if you have already used Shadia’s facial kit.

Shadia Elamin Skin Care

Elamin Biography and an introduction to her Beauty Products

Elamin was born and lived in Sudan with her mother who was a strong-willed artist and knew the magic of the beautiful fabrics. It is because of her, why Elamin got introduced to style. According to the Shadia Story, her mother dressed her in well-crafted dresses of georgette, satin, lac, and the likes. When she was too young, she used to walk to the homeopathic store with a list from her mother in order to buy oils and spices. She used to bring them and gave her mother. She was introduced to magic when her mother transformed the ingredients into cosmetics as well as perfumes for special occasions and holidays.

Luminous Cosmetics

She has inherited the passion of her mother for style as well as her holistic and imaginative approach to the fantastic cosmetics. She meticulously completed her research on the cosmetics of the ancestors after her parents permitted. She also surveyed a lot about the ancient Egyptian line which also includes Nefertiti as well as Queen Sheba. In the year 2008, she perused with manufacturing her range of various perfumes as well as beauty products. Archiving against those insurmountable odds wasn’t that easy for the beauty specialist. But even then, she has acquired to design best beauty products. For more stories, people can refer to Shadia Story by Shadia Elamin.

Shadia Model

She is now a successful actress, businesswoman, as well as a model. Elamin continues inspiring the newer generations apart from the film and TV industry. She happens to be an iconic consultant for world’s discerning clientele. To know about her beauty products ranging from the facial kit to the cosmetics line-up, you can share this space. Alternatively, you can bookmark this page to know more about Shadia.

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